Why Entrepreneurs Need to Adapt and Utilize the Power of AI Right Now On this episode of "Beyond Unstoppable," we dive into the transformative power of AI with Jason Feifer, editor in chief of "Entrepreneur" magazine and author of "Build for Tomorrow."

By Ben Angel

Key Takeaways

  • The future of work and job creation cannot be predicted with certainty, but history has shown that new technologies create shifts and new opportunities for human ingenuity.
  • Beyond Binary Thinking in AI: Break away from simplistic 'either-or' thinking as we examine the multifaceted impact of AI on our lives, jobs, and industries.
  • Pandemic's Impact on Adaptability and Resilience: Listen to an insightful discussion on how the global pandemic has put human flexibility and resilience to the test.
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As you continue to grow your enterprise, focusing on digital transformation, business strategies, and future trends, there's something more daunting on the horizon that can make or break everything: Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Embracing AI and its implications is the game-changer that holds the potential to either revolutionize or endanger your business.

As an entrepreneur, you might find yourself working around the clock, occasionally burning out, and pushing AI comprehension and embracement to the bottom of your priority list. But let's confront the reality. Many pioneering entrepreneurs are catching onto the fact that understanding AI and its possible implications is the key to a sustainable and future-proof business.

You might be contemplating, "Ben, how do you manage to explore the complex and evolving domain of AI amidst the already hectic entrepreneurial routine?"

No denying, it does feel like walking on a tightrope! Balancing the day-to-day business dynamics while trying to adapt to AI's fast-paced evolution has always been a genuine challenge.

However, I promise you – my business and my sense of preparedness gave me a thankful nod the moment I started diving into AI's world, learning to foresee its impacts, and adapting to this tectonic shift.

That's precisely why I'm thrilled to introduce you to my guest, Jason Feifer, an absolute trailblazer in embracing and understanding the future. In this episode, the editor in chief of Entrepreneur magazine and author of Build for Tomorrow deftly demystifies his take on AI's influence in varying sectors and underscores the inherent need for adaptability in this evolving technological landscape.

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