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Why Successful People Never Second-Guess Themselves — and 5 Strategies to Help You Get Rid of Indecision Making smart and swift decisions is a hallmark of success. But how do we do it well?

By Amy M Chambers

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Indecision is a problem for many of us. Some of us spend far too long deliberating our decisions, even ones that aren't that significant. Usually, it stems from fear. Sometimes, we become so paralyzed by fear of making the wrong decision that we don't make any decision at all.

Most of us can remember a time when we stood still for too long. Time runs out, doors close on us and opportunities pass us by. However, not all of us struggle with indecision. Our history is rich with examples of business, political and military leaders who made incredibly complex decisions of extreme importance — and did it while under immense pressure. How were they able to do it? Often, it's because they believe in following these five principles.

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